The Wescott Family welcomes you to Vegan Bliss which made it’s arrival at 6410 N. Durango Drive on June 1, 2019.

As you walk through the doors into our cheery green 100% plant based eatery, you are greeted by our wonderful staff. Notice the large white tin angel wings on the wall. These wings are made from tin from the roof of our 100 year old barn which is located in the farming capital Central Valley of California. Look to your right above the comfy pillowed booths to the colorful mural with tin art and canvas prints. You will see a canvas of an old two story home. This home located in Gold Hill, Oregon is where Kim’s mom, Nona was born in 1932. At 2 years of age, Nona and her family moved down to California to work in the fields after the Great Depression. We honor mom Nona’s legacy with this canvas.

Around the front order area you are surrounded by succulents, various plants, reclaimed wood and photographic art by Kim, one of the owners, a retired professional photographer.

We are glad you are visiting our website and excited to see you in person to enjoy our delicious food and beverages all 100% plant based for everyone to enjoy.

Look for the bright green Vegan Bliss signs on the corner of North Durango Drive and Centennial Pkwy off of the 215.

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